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Baking Scones!

Hi Everyone! If you didn’t already know, I came back from my holiday in the South of France last weekend.  You can catch up on my blog post here where I share some of the most beautiful pictures of Carcassonne.  Keep your eyes peeled as I’m about to post another blog post soon focussing on what I ate on the trip and my day at the spa!


However, back to this blog post, today I did some baking and thought that I’d share with ya’ll the recipe I use (Mary Berry’s) especially since the GBBO is back on TV now which puts everyone in the mood to try their hand at some baking.  Scones are a really easy bake to make and are the perfect component of afternoon tea filled with plenty of clotted cream and jam *dreamy*.  Mary Berry’s recipe is super easy and more or less foolproof so you can have your own delicious scones in only 20 mins!



*4oz self raising flour*

*2oz of caster sugar*

*2oz of butter*

*1 egg*

*2 oz of raisons (or cranberries)*

*1 tsp of baking powder*

*A little milk*



  1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Sieve the flour and baking powder into a large bowl.  Add the butter which should be soft and using your fingers rub the butter  into the dry mixture then mix in the raisons.  The mixture should at this point resemble finely milled bread crumbs.

2) In a small bowl crack the egg and add milk up to the mark of 150ml on a measuring jug.  Whisk the egg and milk together and slowly combine this wet mixture into the flour and butter whilst mixing.  The mixture should be soft but not sticky.


3) Flour a surface and gently kneed the mixture together before rolling it  out with a rolling pin.  Once the mixture is rolled out, cut it using a scone cutter to make the scone shapes.

4) Line a baking sheet over a baking tray and line your scones on top.  A good tip for your scones to be baked with a golden top is to brush some milk over the top.  Bake your scones for 10 minutes at 200 degrees and they will be ready to enjoy with a cup of tea!


I hope you liked this post, scones are a comforting bake that can be made with all the raw ingredients already in the cupboard.  Leave me a comment below and if your not already please follow my blog!

Clare x


I'm Clare, a 21 year old history student from Scotland with a passion for everything makeup and beauty related. I consume far too much tea, take too many selfies and I enjoy shopping. I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Make sure to follow to keep updated with my content :)

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