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Banana and Peanut Butter Muffins!


Hi Everyone! One of my favourite ways to relax is to bake.  I love the process and how rewarding it feels when you’ve baked something that is really tasty and everyone loves.  Today I wanted to make something semi-healthiest and saw that I had some banana’s that needed using up so I made use of the ingredients I had in the house and baked some banana and peanut butter Muffins.  I used an American recipe which you can find here if you’d also like to make these.  The recipe is really easy to follow and most ingredients you will have to hand.

I think these muffins would be great for breakfast time especially if your on the move and want something quick to eat, grabbing one of these muffins would give you a healthy start to the day as they are full of protein.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Next week I have a party to bake for so you’ll be sure to see more baking blog posts then so be sure to follow my blog!

Clare x


I'm Clare, a 21 year old history student from Scotland with a passion for everything makeup and beauty related. I consume far too much tea, take too many selfies and I enjoy shopping. I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Make sure to follow to keep updated with my content :)

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