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Uni :- Honest Thoughts Fourth Year

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Hi Everyone! Bit of a chatty lifestyle catch up for y’all today before my Halloween posts begin so get excited for that!
Recently, this semester I’ve been feeling a tad flat which I am pretty sure is normal for most uni students to feel this way now and again.  Its been hard to get back into the routine of attending lectures, doing weekly reading for classes along with planning essays and working on my dissertation in the background.  As well as attempt to work out what to do with my life post uni *no clues*.   One of my classes for this semester is quite challenging and the pace moves so fast which has been getting me a bit stressed. Since coming back from summer, uni really has went from 0-100 super fast.
It’s not only the work that’s been getting me down lately but also the feeling of loneliness.  I only have 1 class this semester with one of my friends and so I haven’t seen many people since going back cause we are all so busy with our own work. One of my closest friends also has dropped out of uni and hasn’t been in touch with any of us since doing so which is quite sad.  The particular course I am in means that I have hardly any contact hours so I can stay at home and work which is where I am most productive, however since our classes always change its hard to get to know new people and keep up with old friends.
I realise this is quite a rambly post and isn’t greatly uplifting but I wanted to write down my thoughts on uni this year so far.  I’m hoping that I can get good grades this year and my social life will pick up a bit. Let me know your thoughts if your at uni in the comments if anything I’ve mentioned strikes a cord with you 🙂
Clare x


I'm Clare, a 21 year old history student from Scotland with a passion for everything makeup and beauty related. I consume far too much tea, take too many selfies and I enjoy shopping. I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Make sure to follow to keep updated with my content :)

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