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New Makeup Launches From Collection

Last Saturday whilst strolling the makeup aisles of Boots, I got super excited when I spotted a new stall at the Collection counter.  Collection supply some of my all time favourite makeup products such as the lasting perfect concealer and the Fast Stroke Liquid Liner. They seem to have launched a few new palettes but the one that caught my eye was the concealer palette, 8 different coloured concealers that are each supposed to do a different job.

Green to conceal and neutralise redness, Yellow to counteract dark circles and the Purple shade to banish dullness.  As well as these shades there are 4 other shades: a highlighter, pale concealer, salmon coloured concealer and 2 different brown shades.  The idea is you mix the different colours to get your overall concealer colour but the two darker shades can be used to contour.

I haven’t used the palette enough yet to give a full review but at first glance all concealers are super buttery and blendable.  I think it is a fabulous idea having all these shades in such a slim compact palette.  Well done Collection super affordable and genius idea!

As of the primer, I’m looking forward to using this for uni after moisturising to see if it will make my makeup last longer.  It has witch oil in it which means that it wont be breaking me out.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, have you tried either of these products or would be interested in doing so? As always follow if your new

Clare x


I'm Clare, a 21 year old history student from Scotland with a passion for everything makeup and beauty related. I consume far too much tea, take too many selfies and I enjoy shopping. I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Make sure to follow to keep updated with my content :)

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