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LUSH Facemask: Catastrophe Cosmetic Review


I cant quite believe that after  *say 6 years* of religiously using LUSH products I had never tried one of their facemasks until last week.  I’ve heard good things about them and so thought that I would throw my own views into the mix.

I purchased the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask as its supposed to be good for skin that is prone to breakouts and is meant to soothe the skin due to chamomile, Irish moss and blueberries which are beneficial anti-oxidants.  LUSH masks appealed to me because most if not all the ingredients used are relatively natural and not chemical based.

On trying the mask for the first time it felt cooling and refreshing on my skin as you keep these masks in the fridge.  It dries in like a clay mask but I would watch as because of the blueberries it is susceptible to crumbling whilst drying.  The smell is super sweet due to the blueberries but I find the smell calming as well, like you have walked into a garden with sweet smelling flowers.

As for the results, my skin instantly looked fresher and I have a bit of acne rosacea and this mask has been great at calming down the redness. I intend to keep using it once a week as it really is great and makes your skin feel super clean 🙂

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