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September Favourites

September Favourites

~ September Favourites~

This month has seriously flown by to think tomorrow is October and its officially acceptable to think of Halloween is crazy.  September was a miff kinda month I had my bday celebrations which were fab but some family drama took my attention for most of the month.  September shall be the month I discovered Lindt Dark Chocolate with sea salt *amaz* and I have already consumed far too many pumpkin spice lattes.  But here are my other products/things I loved in September

*Forever 21 Bag*

I hardly seem to have any small bags so this bag caught my attention when I noticed how small yet spacious it is for use on a daily basis.  Its a gorgeous deep purple plum colour and is perfect for Autumn day and night.

*Barry M 301 Block Orange*

A really bright blood orange colour that sees you through from the Summer till Autumn.  It instantly brightens up any outfit and dries quickly which is always a bonus.

*La Rouche Posay Effaclar Duo*

This is a foaming wash that gently cleanses the skin, I used it a few years back now and have re discovered it.  Its perfect if like me you have oily skin that is quite sensitive.  Not only does it clean the skin gently it has a lovely fresh scent to it

*Marc Jacobs Daisy*

My go to perfume of the month, its quite a sweet floral smelling fragrance that I find lingers on my clothes which is great.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that the packaging makes me want to use it more cause of how cute it is sitting on my desk.

*Bambi Leggings*

My friend brought me these leggings back from Disneyland Paris as part of my birthday present.  The feel like silk and so are super comfortable for wearing especially around the house

*L’Oreal Infallible Foundation*

I finally picked up this foundation and I love it.  It gives good coverage without looking cakey and is a matte formula which I prefer as we come into Autumn/Winter.  In terms of duration, this stays on my face for quite a while even when I’m out in the city all day.  They also have quite a good shade range to choose from.

*Kate Moss Rimmel 40 Nude Lipstick*

I’ve been mixing this lipstick with my MAC Please Me for a pink nude.  This lipstick smells amazing as do most the Kate Moss lipsticks it smells a bit like a sweet cookie dough.  I feels quite matte on the lips but has shimmery pigments in it and a tad of gloss.  I mix it because it is quite pale and could wash me out abit.

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